How better to judge what our clinic can do, than to have testimonies from clients that have had treatment.

Maire Stephenson, 8 January 2007
Good for my back, very relaxing!

Karen Quirk, 19 January 2007
Scoliosis sufferer and insomnia. VIBROSAUN is helping tremendously. Travel 90kms one way for this pleasure!

Lynne Boucher, 19 January 2007
Feeling energised and wide awake after three days.

Patricia Suozo, 23 February 2007
The best thing I’ve ever done, I feel like a new healthy person again from a vegetable I am now as healthy as I used to be and feel before. My high blood pressure, thyroid, Achilles tendonitis, irritable bowel syndrome, the juice is great for it, my depression from which I feel so relaxed now, plus my doctor said my blood pressure is the best it’s ever been. Plus it’s helping my sleep apnoea to sleep better. I am also an asthmatic and my breathing is back to normal.

Leonie L’Estrange, 6 March 2007
For the past three years I have not been able to lay in bed all night without having Panadeine or stronger. After three goes in the VIBROSAUN I went two nights sleeping all night without any pain medication at all.
(After only 6x30 minute sessions, Leonie has purchased her own VIBROSAUN.)

Glennis Pearce, 7 March 2007
I recently fell from a height and landed on my back onto a concrete floor. With a couple of cracked ribs, strained back muscles and bad bruising I was in pain. A few days later I was introduced to VIBROSAUN. The first session relieved stress from my back (I could actually lay down again!) The following two sessions in succession saw major reduction in bruising. I am feeling so much better. VIBROSAUN = FANTASTIC!

Robert Allison, 19 March 2007
Very relaxing, good for my back pain and weight loss. Have recommended VIBROSAUN to many friends.

Ross Taylor, 24 March 2007
After four years of putting up with constant back pain, I am finally getting some relief after only one visit!

Tracy Nowell, 24 March 2007
A very relaxing experience. Great for weight loss and recommended to everybody!!!

Linda Bruce, 29 March 2007
Well I never read the local paper so it was fate that my husband put it next to me on the couch and I found the ad for VIBROSAUN. The result of the first 45 minute session was instant, no sciatica pain, boundless energy the next day, arthritis pain, constipation tension and insomnia improved. I am excited about my next visits and look forward to even more results.

David Bramby, 18 April 2007
VIBROSAUN is very relaxing and revitalising. Footbath detox – amazed at the gunk drawn from my body even though I have a regular liver detox – highly recommended.

Eric Cox, 21 April 2007
First session came with back and spasm and tight calf muscles – after treatment I am walking out with no pain. Thank you.

J White, 1 May 2007
After my first session I felt so pain free, relaxed and could not wait for session number two. Not because of pain but for relaxation and stress. It is so good. I fully recommend to all.

Jan Adams, 28 May 2007
I have been coming here for just on six months – every week I can’t wait to get on the machine and I don’t want to get off when it finishes.

Maria Besa, 1 June 2007
I have had many years of sinus attacks and back pain on and off. Now all these problems have disappeared. I feel great and more flexible. Have recommended this Clinic to many people I know. Thanks for being in Berwick than elsewhere.

Gail White, 20 July 2007
Love it, will be back!

Lynn Bird, Respiratory Scientist, 8 August 2007
I had ten sessions over four weeks and lost 700 grams the first week, 500 grams the second week, 900 grams the third week. The second week I had a cold and as soon as I had the sauna it started to ease – I could sleep at night etc. I highly recommend VIBROSAUN for health reasons.

Jan Idjat, 28 August 2007
Great for relaxation. Fantastic for menopause flushes!

Dorina Katana, 19 September 2007
I need a full tune up on my body, I have sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more. After my first session I felt amazing and could bend my legs and sit down and stand easily with no pain.

Jennie, 13 March 2008
Fabulous experience – relaxing, energising and beneficial.

Shauna-Lee Phillips, 14 March 2008
Absolutely fantastic! Had the best sleep ever. Also foot spa detox excellent.

Ron and Audrey Glenister, 29 March 2008
I thought you might like to know that after our VIBROSAUN treatment we had a two hour flight and then a two hour drive and we both felt relaxed and had no stiffness in our lower back and no discomfort even my sciatic plexus.

Ann Olarenshaw, 12 April 2008
During my VIBROSAUN session I found I could lie quite comfortable on my back without any discomfort. Also, I normally have a persistent cough since an operation ten years ago. During the treatment and after my cough seems to have eased. It was a very pleasant experience.

Rose and Erica, 9 May 2008
Very relaxing! Awesome experience! Gives more energy!

Michele, 13 May 2008
It was really relaxing and made me feel like walking on a cloud!

Joy Belle, 30 October 2008
I have not felt this wonderful for over five years!!! As a fibromyalgia sufferer I have not had any relief like this for as long as I remember. Thank you VIBROSAUN, you have won a heart!!

Marsha, 6 November 2008
Fantastic! Thanks so much, I feel awesome. My back has never felt so good! My skin is so much better and I had really dry skin, now it glows. Thanks heaps.

Maria Molnar, 30 April 2009
Amazing results, no more diabetes! Thank you!

Helen Hewat, 22 June 2009
Got very quick relief of back pain and felt really good and supple after only one session.

Sharlene Bogeski, 29 June 2009
Been coming for just a week and feel great. Helped my back pain disappear and slept like a baby! I will be coming back for the year.

Julia Merz, 18 July 2009
After four sessions in VIBROSAUN (including a little exercise) I have lost 9cm around my waist and 2cm from my hips. Do you think I recommend it? YES! Thank you to the friendly smiles and help from the team too.

Kezia Rogan, 13 March 2010
I had a baby on 5 November 2009, one week later I started my VIBROSAUN membership and then a month later I started the Shapemaster. Within exactly four months, I have gone from 98kgs to 68kgs. Would recommend this to everyone!! Especially new mothers.

Darren, 21 July 2010
First session, I only needed painkillers three days. Second visit I only needed painkillers one day. Now I have been one week totally drug free. I have a compression fracture, my spine is paper thin and have been told one day I won’t be able to walk. I can’t believe how much relief I have got. I feel great.

Elizabeth, 9 December 2010
After only three sessions I am moving a lot more easily and the pains in my hips and knees have decreased a lot.

Deb Cattunar, 12 April 2011
For a lady in intense pain all over for 4.5 years who searched for answers in all medical areas and paid out “a lot” of money, the pain was always constant. I am happy, I just found the answer “it was a gift voucher”.

Claire, 17 October 2011
Legs swollen, felt like lumps of concrete, muscles cramped as if full of toxins. Result – First Treatment: Legs felt lighter and muscles had an increase in flexibility. I have now had two more treatments and small improvements each time. The relief from treatment one was UNBELIEVABLE!

Leigh Cohen, 05 May 2014
I took my father for a Vibrosaun last week, he is very frail and has several health problems including Parkinson's. His body is really stiff and frozen. I had to lift him into the Vibrosaun he is that bad ! Anyway he was in there 5 mins and said this was the most relaxing thing he's ever done. He stayed in half an hour and really felt great after.

I noticed straight away how much more movement he had it was amazing the relief it gave him. He usually can't even lift himself out of a normal chair, and he was showing us how easy he could get up and down. It was so great to see he had some temporary relief. He's going back today for another session and we plan to get him in there twice a week at least, I think it will do him the world of good ! And just to see him smile was fantastic.

So thank you so much for your help and the girls there were so friendly and helpful, we are really impressed.