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The founder of Vibrosaun Clinic was involved in a serious car accident a number of years ago. Suffering a broken leg, arm, pelvis, shoulder blade and neck in two places.

After months of rehabilitation followed by a number of years of suffering from pain without any relief, he was introduced to the "Vibrosaun machine", and so he thought he might just give it a go. The results were both immediate and incredible, so great was his passion for the Vibrosaun, that he decided to open a clinic of his own to help others.

In 2006 the clinic was opened in Berwick, giving immediate results to many who have identified with Michael's story. So popular has it become that within a very short time Michael and Stephanie are now distributors of Vibrosaun Australian wide.There are now a number of > Vibrosaun locations. Effectively the Vibrosaun machine is a drug free pain reliever, allowing your body to heal naturally.

You may purchase your own vibrosaun for home or you may attend our clinic, or if you have a business already involved in health care, you may want to purchase a vibrosaun for your business.

Natural Healing Therapy

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